Daddy's Little Earth Pet


Title: Daddy's Little Earth Pet

Author: Stella Shelton 

Harley found the Daddy of her dreams in Trent the Garilian. Sure, it was an alien abduction that took her by surprise, but she found herself on the most beautiful planet she'd ever seen. Garilia boasted of vibrant colors, plants, and homes, free from pollution or greed. The only problem was Garilian's didn't see humans as anything other than lower life forms to be kept as pets. As Trent creates the perfect little space for Harley, he struggles with family pressure to find a Garilian wife. While Harley likes some aspects of being Trent's Earth pet, she longs to be understood as a dynamic woman. She won't be cast aside while Trent figures things out. Compelled to keep his baby girl in his life, Trent seeks out the help of a witch doctor in the deep woods. The journey is dangerous, but he knows it's the only way. Will Trent have what it takes to protect his bratty baby? Follow the journey of a Daddy and his Little as they work together to find common ground and lots of kinky fun!

This book contains explicit adult content with Daddy dominant/ little girl dynamic including: diapering, potty training, collars, leashes, and spanking. 18 plus advised.