"What a brilliant story!... I was sucked right in and didn't want to put it down. The imagination and world building is phenomenal and the writing flows effortlessly.  I am in awe of this writer's talent!... Simply put: this book is a beautiful work of writing and I recommend highly!"  Read a review of Vale (Bookish_Pops)

"My favorite thing about this book is reading from different points of view and seeing how an opinion one has, affects the way the other thinks. The more I read from the characters, the more I liked them. It talks about important and relevant topics such as the way you treat others and equality.  It was just very well done and makes me question the world we live in today."  Read a review of Vale (Bookish.Recs)

"I loved this book. Mia Michele has created an original and wonderfully realized world that sucked me in and made me want to learn everything about the politics, history and social issues... I felt invested...  The story kept me interested until the end."  Read a review of Vale (Mira Reads Books)

"I am speechless.  Ms. Michele created a unique, dystopian page turner with sharp, smart, and sexy characters that are so addicting, it's almost impossible to pull yourself away from...  The narrative is intoxicating...  Both the hero and heroine are complex, charismatic, and compelling...  You will not be disappointed...  You may end up with an aching book-hangover and a longing for more."  Read a review of Vale (Kat M. Pagan)

"This book really brought out the feelers. I cried, smiled, and laughed a bit throughout the story.  I felt a wonderful connection with the characters and felt everything they felt as the story progressed.  The story-line is an unforgettable one that kept me turning pages..."  Read a review of Daughters of Men (Black Words, White Pages)

"This story was all kinds of amazing!! "  Read a review of Sons of God (Black Words, White Pages)

"I feel like this book is the meat of the story... I definitely felt the same emotions as the characters: their pain, their joy, their confusion, and especially their hurt. As entertaining as this book was, I will say the emotional aspect really tugs at your heart."  Read a review of Sons of God (The Rebel Christian)

" I had a hard time putting the book down."  Read a review of Children of Hellions (Black Words, White Pages)

"Masterfully thought out and well written"  (Amazon review on the kindle; paperback version here)

"I had a great time reading this book and I will say I’m looking forward to moving on to the next one." Read a review of Children of Hellions (The Rebel Christian)

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"This riveting BDSM club romance captivates the reader with characters that seize the heart." (amazon review)
"A Must Read.  Even if you never pick up another BDSM book again this is still a very good book to read." (amazon review)

Read a review of Amnesty of the Heart (Hannah's Words)
FDP New Release Notice: Amnesty of the Heart
Fated Desires acquires the rights to Amnesty of the Heart and Martial Hearts, and their follow up books!

"Deeply moving and entertaining..." (amazon review)

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