Game Changer


Title: Game Changer

Author: JLynn Autumn

Game Changer is a steamy office/single-mom romance that takes place in San Francisco. It tells the story of Kris and Jonathan's relationship from coworker to falling in love. It's told in dual perspective so you get their story from their points of view. There's also a flashback chapter where Kris shares how she became a single mom and the potential impact that has on their relationship. After breaking up with her boyfriend of 6 years, Kris accepted a transfer to her company’s San Francisco office fulfilling her childhood dream of living in her favorite city.

Jonathan works 80-100 hours a week most weeks and no woman he’s ever met has understood or accepted that. He likes the idea of a long-term relationship, but never seemed to have time for anything more than a few weeks before work got in the way.

Kris and Jonathan are assigned to team up on a year-long project. When their non-work talk lunch rule develops into the start of a friendship, but feel like they want more. Can Kris trust him enough to tell him why she doesn’t go to her hometown and the secret she’s been keeping from almost everyone that knew her before she moved to San Francisco?