Mia Reads

I don't often get to enjoy a book, but I'm always grateful when writers ask me to read and, as my kids have gotten older, I find myself with a greater ability to enjoy myself with my kindle or by cracking a spine!  Here are a few thoughts on things I've had the pleasure of reading or, some cases, promoting for release (those are starred).  Unless otherwise noted, all reviews are given free of charge in exchange for a no-cost ARC.

The Vampire's Prey (Paranormal Romance)

It's Always Been You (Romance)

Special Agent Series (Erotic Romantic Suspense - 6 books)  (I loved these so much I've bought them and even gifted them) and the sequel series, Dark Bully Harem (Erotic Romantic Suspense- 2 books so far)

Daddy's Little Earth Pet (DDlg Romance)*

Leather and Lace (Romance)*

Game Changer (Romance)*

Henry (Romance)*

Waiting for Max (Romance)*

Tabula Rasa (Christian Romance)

Teacher's Toy (Erotic Romance)*

Return to Zero (DVD)

Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs (Children)

Bringing In Finn (Nonfiction)